Should Have Sung

by Gabriella Moore

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pettanko gabriella's voice is as soothing as mint herbal tea on a sick rainy day and as mesmerizing as taking acid and staring straight at a grid pattern. this album makes me feel sentimental over nothing i've experienced. i want to put on sound isolating headphones, turn on this album, and hide my face under some soft sheets. Favorite track: i wouldn't marry you (a ditty).
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released March 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Gabriella Moore Las Vegas, Nevada

just following the river


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Track Name: agony
it is agony
it will stay as agony
until it doesn't.
you'll keep the mess
until it's time to clean up.
you'll never get to ask your questions
until you learn to ask yourself
the same ones.
there will never be the waiting answers
that's just how life was
and will be.
it is agony
until it is no longer
Track Name: lemon cake
sweet and sugar like lemon cake
take it from me
i love the taste
but you, but you are
you are bumble bee lovely, bumble bee lovely.
buzzing and landing into my heart

your hands hold me to earth
smooth as sweet cream
smooth as your talk
the light touches every part of my face
a sting I've missed since the good days

I don't understand how you do that
touch both my hands without me crying
and you whisper to me,
whisper just my name

these are just songs I should have sung
but life gets in the way
my mouth begins to hurt
but please listen to me, please listen to my plea
nothing will hurt more than the truth
Track Name: white winter hymnal (fleet foxes cover)
I was following the pack
all swallowed in their coats,
their scarves of red
tied around their throats,
to keep their little heads
from falling in the snow.
and I turned around and
there you go,
and Michael, you would fall,
and turn the white snow red as
strawberries in the summertime.
Track Name: skin (josh record cover)
Feel my skin against your skin
I want to feel your soul within
I know it but not what it hides
I'd love to know your skin inside

I bruise to love you
I bruise to love you

My first love is holding me
With scars to tell where she has been
And for all this time I spend with you
Can you wrap your skin around me too?

I bruise to love you
I bruise to love you
Track Name: excuse
to paint the walls
the shade of blue
of the fading sky
surrendering under the sea
to the God of the Sun
with no excuse to stay awhile.

vicariously living
through the ponds in my eyes
blue streaming brown skin
excuse to wipe my face
staying in bed with no lights
no bodies
just blue shades

"come back to me, come back"
I whisper across white sheets
waves with no returning echoes.
you've left me,
with blue walls
Track Name: i wouldn't marry you (a ditty)
I wouldn't marry you
because you don't share the covers at night
Letting me know, that you are vulnerable to the night
as I am to you.
You'd rather choose warmth over bodies.
And I just wouldn't marry you
that's my only excuse.
And i'd like to keep it that way.
I wouldn't marry you,
if I had to choose burning my letters and
touching your face,
I don't remember which would feel more freeing
smoke through my hair would only leave
stains in my eyes.
they'd be red all the time and drooping to the ground.
As if someone died.
I wouldn't marry you out of spite
of my parents.
There's no reason to.
They are paying for my bed and the bread on my plate.
and I'd rather eat the plate than marry you.