by Gabriella Moore

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sweet Aldair helped inspire me to write this.


released July 29, 2017



all rights reserved


Gabriella Moore Las Vegas, Nevada

just following the river


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Track Name: Thinking Of You
If daylight flickered
for even a moment
would there even be a sun?
if you chased darkness
with a candle
would you be able to question him?
there are many things
we'll wish to see the outcome
but it'll never be
to touch twilight with my fingertips
I'll only see that in my dreams

I'd take all the flowers
bowing to the sun
and carefully place each one behind your ear

I'm thinking of you
I'm thinking of you
Track Name: Be Still
Please be still don't leave too soon
I can't handle your absence now
I've wandered oceans, fields, and hills
Just to watch your breathing body be still.

Your hands are thin and not like mine.
Track Name: Let Love In
I will let myself down one more time
in hopes that I unravel my mind
in hopes that I learn how to stop
and let love in
You're good so good
so sweet and so bubbly
like those drinks you tell me
not to drink
I'm holding in butterflies
by the wings
in hopes that they'll teach me a way I would fly
in hopes that I learn how to stop
and let love in
oh tell me oh tell me
what you think about me I'd love to hear what you have to say
I love all your words
my world shapes all around them
in curious circles I find in your eyes
You taught me just how to stop
and let love in.
Track Name: Tawcrenee
Tawcrenee the stars look down upon you
but you're not there anymore
the waves are asking why
there's no answer to give them
I wish you all the best
that every dress fits
that every shade of lipstick fits you
tawcrenee I know you're thinking of me
I feel your kisses in the air
there's no one else around me but you
no one else who can cure this but you
Tawcrenee the oceans cryin out foryou
as so is I
I'll be waiting for your return
Track Name: The War
dust settles in the back of my tired swollen throat
she she calls me
I can hear it, echo down the hall
slidin under the bedroom door
over old shoes and worn out soles
I hear her voice sweet
and she's crying
but not angry at all

the war brought challenge and giants to climb
venom to suck at and men to step over
falling right out of the trees
as you watched the war rage on

sea forgive me
oh seas let me go
I'll give all I've got
to sit on the shore
all alone
my mother is calling my name in the sand
if you don't look me in the eyes, sir
I promise, you won't understand.